MetalTek’s wide selection of custom-designed and fabricated privacy screens and awnings will add a touch of elegance and style to your home while blocking out unwanted sunlight and prying eyes. MetalTek offers a wide range of slat screens and louvres to add stylish clean lines to your property. We can also supply laser cut screens with intricate designs to increase your property’s artistic architecture.

MetalTek can design and manufacture privacy screens, slat screens, and panels to give a modern touch to your outdoor space, and we have an exclusive range of products to suit any budget and property.

Slat Screens and Louvres

Slat screens and louvres are perfect for any space where you want to let fresh air and light in while keeping the property safe and secure. Our cutting-edge slat screens and louvres have a modern edge, and we use a selection of durable and sleek designs and a range of high-quality materials. Slat screens are a popular choice for modern fencing solutions, as they are durable and look amazing. View our gallery for design options and more details.

Laser Cut Screens 

We have a laser cutting service in which can create and fabricate a range of intricate designs. Our first-class laser cutting provides cutting edge designs to add style and value to any property. Our design team can help with your project, and the product is the perfect addition to any home in the vibrant Gold Coast cityscape.  View our gallery for design options and more details.


Modern awnings include clean, sophisticated lines that add a touch of class to any home or business. Awnings are the perfect solution to dressing up your property while also creating privacy. Awnings are also energy saving solutions. By blocking unwanted sunlight, your cooling bills are lower in summer. View our gallery for design options and more details.

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